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Umbra is my latest student project.

This project allowed me to spend time undertaking two of my main programming interests, turn based strategy and AI integration. Though the time restraints surrounding the project limited it's scope, I am quite happy with the end result. Though that does not mean that there is absence of needed improvement in my application of programming patterns and choices in the implementations of its mechanics.

- This project explored the complex use of IEnumerators and Unity's event system in order to assist in creating an uncoupled object orientated system. The implementation of both these elements worked as required though on a critical note the optimization of the system left much to be desired, requiring further work on merging the multitude of events occurring in order to cut down the draw on the CPU.

- The AI used within Umbra was one of the first implementations within my work and as such its quality is reflected by it. Though the AI can function appropriately acting according to the different cards with randomly timed moves displaying somewhat intelligent behavior, it is unable to change it's tactics based on the situation at hand. In addition to this the command pattern system used to implement the AI's methods was somewhat poorly organised which as a result copious time was spent ironing out bugs that could have been avoided with more meticulous planning and foresight. These outcome was mainly due to the time restraints on the project, reallocation of time to other aspects and unfortunately was not required beyond very simple interaction despite my personal interest.

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